School Standards

Youth & Children’s Classes
Special classes are provided for children & youth.  Parents & sponsors are expected to be responsible for & supervise their children at all times when children are not in class.  For everyone’s well-being & to ensure the children have a good experience, pre-registration is required.

Nursery care is provided only during class time.  Parents must furnish all supplies like cribs, food and diapers.  Please label all items with the child’s name.

After registration, please see the registrar for volunteer opportunities to help the school run smoothly and more fun!

Facility Notes
Bring linens, towels, personal toiletries, a fan, casual clothes & shoes for recreation.  Bedding and towel services are not provided for guests. At the close of our camp session, the facilities requires that we clean up after ourselves.  More details will be provided, but please expect to stay for this service opportunity.
As a means of attaining an atmosphere of harmony and concord, the Baha’i School Committee of Wisconsin has agreed upon certain rules as a minimum standard of behavior.  These rules apply to every participant, including day—guests, for the full length of time they are on campus. 
  • This is a closed campus.  In special circumstances, please contact the designated coordinator for permission to leave the campus.  Class attendance is mandatory.
  • A curfew of 9:00pm for children and 11:00pm for youth will be maintained.
  • Parents and sponsors of all children, as well as youth are completely responsible for them at all  times, except when children are in classes.
  • The camp is situated on a lake.  Lake access is granted ONLY during pre-determined, scheduled recreational swim times.  Please speak with your children ahead of time so that they understand this very important safety precaution.
  • High standards of morality and courtesy will be expected and enforced, as well as cleanliness and modesty of dress.
  • Absolutely no illegal drugs, alcohol, or smoking will be allowed.
  • No radios, televisions or pets please.
  • Food is provided for all school attendees by the facility.  There is no food allowed in the dorm rooms. 
  • If you have any special dietary needs, please contact the registrar. 
  • Fires are allowed only in designated campfire pits. 
  • No sails or outboard motors may be attached to camp boats or canoes. 
  • Please do not move furniture or other items in buildings or on grounds. If anything is broken or damaged, please inform the Site Manager immediately. 
  • Vehicles should remain on gravel roads at all times during unloading and loading and should be moved to parking area upon completion of these task. At no time are vehicles to be parked in areas other than the designated parking area. 
  • When renting the facility, swimming, boating or canoeing is at your own risk.